Monday, August 15, 2005

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I've added a feedburner feed of this blog - if you have subscribed to this blog (yea right!) change the feed URL :-)

Joe's Garage by Frank Zappa

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Denny's Beach - IMG_0052

I was there! Largo Izabal, Guatemala. A back packers hostel called Denny's Beach... bloody heaven... ahhhhhhh memories :-)

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Practical Hacks...

These hacks will get you out of your cubicle, bullpen, bedroom, flat...

Yea it's bold but who here never stole from the orchard?!Disclaimer: Purely for informational purposes
I Love Baile Funk from the album “nossa presents” by DJ Sujinho

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Gotta write up on this for a peer-to-peer architecture document. Cool and interesting stuff :-)

To digest...
Some nice links found today...
All Blues from the album "Kind Of Blue" by Miles Davis

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New Laptop...

Off out to today... new IBM aka Lenovo laptop... another one to the collection... still not giving up my sweet ass PowerBook though! PPC hee hee!

Got the laptop - an IBM T42 - nice machine and I use the word machine literally - ain't a lump of sex like my powerbook - still it'll do the job. I do like the active hard drive protection it has and it has a very nice springy keyboard. Still, not bad for a "freebie"

Blister In The Sun from the album "Grosse Pointe Blank" by Violent Femmes

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Well atm I'm updating, configuring and hopefully prettying up this blog. Got more to do...

(Hidden Finale) from the album “Lullabies To Paralyze” by Queens Of The Stone Age

Update: That's site stats, a CC license and other sidebar goodies sorted!
Update II: Been looking for some free hosting solutions and found

- not bad: mail, mysql, php and a load of other goodies! Uptime... hmmm... still evaluating that!
For stats,
is pretty cool too, tho your stats log file is pretty small, still...
Update III: Bloody blog needs refactoring, hopefully this weekend if I have a few spare hours!
OK that's the crap from the sidebar gone!

Strøget from the album "FOC" by Rodrigo y Gabriela

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Flickr "This Is My God"

How cool is this?

This Is My God
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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rich Presentation Layers

WIP... I need a user interface!

How to present a rich user, expressive interface to a consumer in a user-friendly manner, which allows invocations of X services on a P2P network via a web interface.

  • Run in any web browser and hence minimal dependency.
  • Needs to be embedable within a web browser (the universal application!).
  • That what is executed to present the UI needs to be verifiable e.g. via digital signatures.
  • No remote code downloading once the UI has loaded. This presents security concerns and proxying issues.
  • Standard based and compliant to that standard.
  • Rich set of controls to express a business' service offering
  • A low developer learning curve and preferably an eclipse GUI builder, if not an XML schema.
  • It's got to look good - I don't know about you but any application is sold within the first 2 minutes of it been used by a consumer. If it looks clunky, it's not intuitive, not entertaining.... forget it!
Reliable, Continuous, Portable, Versatile, Freedom, Internationalised (i18n), Pervasive.
Declarative & Imperative Offerings:
Essential Mix - Tom Middleton - 15-MAY-2005 from the album “Essential Mix 2005” by Tom Middleton

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Talking to Dave just now here in the lab and here's more ideas:

  • Service composition through the portal
  • Integration of external non-DBE services using dynamic invocation ActiveBPEL handlers
  • Automatic generation of atomic and composed services
  • Demo services a DBE photo printing service using flickr
  • Demo DBE property rental service using google maps
Nice read on ambiguities of SOA on Martin Fowler's blog.

1997-05-18, Part 2 from the album “Essential Mixes 1997” by Dave Clarke

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Service-Oriented Folksonomic Architecture

A WIP...
Here's some notes detailing the a service-oriented, folksonomic peer-to-peer architecture we have in mind. It will be:

  • Folksonomy rather than ontology, collaborative categorization
  • REST-style web based portal to access services, will allow interaction with service via web browser
  • Lightweight Directory Service & Replicated Peers
  • P2P Architecture, DHT, robustness, availability
  • Service tagging of service implementation using annotations
  • On-demand Distributed Service UIs, dynamism
  • Service implementation language neutrality
  • Service protocol agnostic
  • Transparency, simplicity
  • Oh... open source naturally!
Stay tuned for more on this; including high-level waffly diagrams that only highly paid system architects can appreciate... “Oooooo more boxes!”.

I've been looking at the required components to get this up and running (not too interested in writing the paper(s) yet). I estimate that we've about 50-60% implemented already.
Now naturally I gotta expand on all of these bullet points; docs, links and further text to follow.

One Of These Days from the album “Some Cities” by Doves

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